Aimee Pearson

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I facilitate two groups designed to help heal and change family of origin relational patterns that are not working in your life. It is structured to be safe, employs many creative resources and uses symbolic representations to help with the inner workings of individuals thinking, feelings and coping strategies. This group employs a very effective, mind-body approach, known as Peso-Boyden Psychomotor System, which enables the individual to experience a corrective, positive restructuring of early traumatic events. This model supports basic healthy change that enhances self worth, encourages more fulfilling relationships, and increases satisfaction and meaning in life.

In addition I lead a group focused on the issue of sexual abuse. The group combines personal sharing and support with education and information. Topics include
*understanding feelings of shame, guilt, anger and grief
*identifying dysfunctional coping strategies such as denial, dissociation and addiction
*recognizing patterns of destructive reenactment in current relationships and developing more adaptive emotional interpersonal skills.